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Housing Programs

PMHA provides housing assistance through rental and home ownership programs for low-income households in Portage County, Ohio.  Together, PMHA programs assist over 2,000 households in their efforts to have a decent, safe and affordable place to live.

Public Housing
Under the Public Housing Program, PMHA serves as owner and manager of 305 units of housing throughout the county. Residents of Public Housing lease directly from the housing authority, and pay affordable rents based on approximately 30% of their household income.  Subsidy from the federal government is meant to make up the difference between the costs of operating the housing and the rents charged according to HUD's formula.  Of PMHA's 305 Public Housing units, 235 are family units and 70 units are for senior citizens.
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Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8)
The Housing Choice Voucher Program assists households in renting privately-owned housing in the community.  Program participants pay rent and utilities based on approximately 30% of their income.  PMHA sends a check to the landlord for the difference between the market rent for the unit and renter's payment.  Owners maintain their authority over selecting tenants, establishing lease requirements, maintaining the physical condition of the units and lease enforcement.  Renters under the Voucher program can move within a county or to other counties and retain assistance if their new dwelling is approved for the program.
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PMHA-Owned Housing (Non-Public Housing)
PMHA also owns housing units financed outside of the Public Housing Program.  These units, located in Kent, are available to Section 8 voucher holders as well as market-rate tenants. 

Moderate Rehab
The Mod Rehab program is a variation of the Section 8 program, in which the rental subsidy is assigned to the property, not with the household.  In the 1980's, landlords were awarded subsidy contracts in return for renovating substandard rental units.  These contracts ensured the properties would remain affordable for at least a 15-year term.  A renter in the Mod Rehab program would lose their assistance if they move from the housing unit.  The program is no longer available to new owners and HUD is phasing out the program.

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