Homeownership Program

PMHA's Homeownership Program helps Section 8 and Public Housing participants who wish to purchase their own homes.  Under the program, eligible participants use their Section 8 Voucher towards a monthly mortgage payment.   

PMHA is committed to helping participants achieve their dream of homeownership.  Since the program was implemented in 2001, PMHA's Homeownership Program has made it possible for fifty-four (54) households to purchase homes.

If you are interested in learning more about the Homeownership Program, please contact Kelley Pesicek, Section 8 Assistant Manager, at (330) 297-1489 extension 215 or via email:  kpesicek@portagehousing.org

homeowner 1
"We are very excited and thankful to be part of the PMHA homeownership program.
This house means everything to our family.  Thank you so very much for this wonderful
opportunity to make my homeownership dreams come true! "

homeowner 2

"I feel very Blessed to be able to own my home with the help of the
PMHA Homeownership program."

homeowner 3 (2)
"Because of the PMHA Homeownership Program we made our dream of becoming
homeowners real."